Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error: How To Fix Busy Server Issue, Restrict Area Code?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error – Battlegrounds Mobile India launched for Android on the Google Play Store burden month after being in beta for about a month. The Indian version or PUBG Mobile will soon be released for iOS users, but a specific iOS release date has yet to be determined. The stable version or the Battle Generous game has leg released, but players are still facing some issues while playing. One or the problems is “The server is busy. Please try again later. Error code: Restricted Zone”. Server load issues were common when the game used to be in beta, but some users are facing issues for a bit in the stable version. The error message prevents players from for a bit opening the game. Why is that and how can i quickly fix the problem and Start playing BGMI games?

There seems to be an error with the Battlegrounds Mobile India server, and players are unable to access the game. To fix the error, players need to download the game again from the Google Play store. However, since the game is popular, some players may experience restriction of area code when trying to download the game. In this blog, we will discuss how to fix the busy server issue and restrict area code so that players can access the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error

The Battle Generous game entered Early Access in India on June 17, 2021, ending a nine month waiting period for players to return to the game. The game is currently downloaded by 5 million players. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) released for his Android on the Google Play Store burden month after being in beta for almost a month. The Indian version or PUBG Mobile will soon be released for iOS users. While its popularity has sky rocketed, some problems have also surfaced. Many players complain about “server connection” or “server busy” issues during gameplay.

Users in India are experiencing trouble with the Battlegrounds mobile app. The app is crashing frequently and users are reporting that they are not able to play the game. To fix the problem, try to reduce the area code of your mobile phone. If that doesn’t work, contact Battlegrounds support team and provide them with as many details about your device as possible. Keep trying until you get a successful solution! In the meantime, make sure to store your game data on a different device or on an offline mode so that you can still play the game if the app fails.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error

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What is Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error?

If you’re having trouble playing Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error, there is no need to panic. The error is just a message that appears when trying to play the game, and there is no specific fix other than waiting until the server load decreases and trying again. If that doesn’t work, you can contact customer service and ask them to restrict your area code from playing the game. However, this is a last resort as customer service is likely to ask for more information before taking any action. In the meantime, make sure to avoid playing the game in the same area code as other players as this will only cause more problems. Thanks for reading!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Battle Generous game can only be played on Android phones. Because this game is currently not available for iOS and PC. Battlegrounds Mobile India only supports Android phones running Android 5.1.1 and works only on devices with 2GB or more or RAM. If your smartphone does not support these basic requirements, you will not be able to play the game. Lord are some reasons.

Sideloaded version of the game

side loading versions or the game can be the main reason for BGMI server load issues. If you are facing issue, please delete the app from your smartphone and reinstall his BGMI game from Google Play

Store. Please note that repeatedly download the game from third party app stores or MOT and OBB traffic jams will cause this issue.

Unsupported device

Another reason you may face server busy issues is running the game on unsupported devices. BGMI games are only available on the Google Play Store for Android users to Download and play. So if you’re using an emulator or an unsupported device, you should get a server error. The only solution to this problem is to use only supported devices.

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Accessing BGMI from outside India

a third reason you may run into problems is if you are trying to access BGMI from outside India. The Battlegrounds Mobile India game, ash the name suggests, is officially only available in India. Therefore, those who try to access the game from others countries almost always face the problem or busy servers.

Weak internet

The must common reason for a busy BGMI server is an unstable internet. a stable Wi Fi connection is required to access the game. Otherwise you will continuous to have problems. Therefore, if you experience problems with BGMI, first check your internet connection.

Download Again From Google Play Store

If you’re experiencing the “Busy Server Issue”, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, try downloading again from Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, restrict your area code to see if that resolves the issue. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, error 5500 may indicate that there is an issue with your device or network connection. In the last resort, you can reset your device to fix any other issues you’re having. So, whatever the issue might be, don’t hesitate to try out one of the above solutions.


Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error is the error code that is given when the game is trying to connect to the game server. The game server may be busy or the area code of the mobile phone is not allowed to play the game. In this blog, we will show you the different ways to download the game again from the Google Play store. Hope this blog will help you to fix the Busy Server issue. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the busy server issue on my Battlegrounds Mobile India Server?

Delete the game from your mobile phone and download it from Google Play Store. The game is only accessible on Android, according to Krafton. As a result, the error message may appear to you if you are utilizing it via an emulator or any other device that isn’t supported.

How do I fix Battlegrounds Mobile India?

After that, log back into the game and exit the game to clear some storage. Please note that logging out may delete your character progress if you are playing as a guest. To repair Battleground Mobile India, tap the Repair button on the right side of the Login page.

How do I change my server in battlegrounds India?

Players may choose from a list of servers when creating a matchmaking profile. A list of numerous servers will appear here if you simply tap on this choice. You may choose from a variety of servers when you’re ready.

How do I fix PUBG mobile server busy?

By retrieving the initial input data from third-party servers, DNS Changer’s recommended DNS servers allows you to play the game without server busy errors.

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