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Avatar 2: Avatar: The Way of Water is a science fiction movie and is the sequel to Avatar movie that has been released in 2009. It is a five-series movie and the first part of the movie is the biggest-grossing movie of all time. Avatar: The Way of Water has been released worldwide on 16th December 2022. More than a week has passed and the Avatar: The Way of Water is still earning money at the box office.

The film is expected to break several records within a week or two. There is hype for Avatar 2 since its trailer was out and broke several records worldwide since the movie hit the theater. All the viewers are now waiting impatiently for the film to be released on OTT platforms. However, there is no information regarding the release date on the OTT platform as of now. The authority will announce the date when the movie will stop streaming in the theaters. If you want to know more about the Avatar 2 OTT Release Date then you must read the article until the end.

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 OTT Release Date

Since the movie has been released in the theaters, most people started searching the information about the OTT release date of the movie. It is expected that there is a high chance that the movie will not be made available on the OTT platform until half of the year 2023 has passed.

The authority will probably make the Avatar 2 OTT announcement in the beginning month of 2023. As per the reports, the movie will probably be released on the OTT platform after June 2023. The data mentioned here is predicted and the actual dates might be different than this. We will update the exact date here as soon as the official will release it. Till then, check the Avatar: The Way of Water OTT Platform, cast, etc.

Avatar 2

Overview of Avatar: The Way of Water

Name of the MovieAvatar: The Way of Water
Part2nd Part
Theatrical Release Date16th December 2022
genreScience Fiction Movie
OTT Release dateTo be announced
OTT PlatformNot Available
CastSam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang and Kate Winslet
Budget of the Movie$350 to 460 Million

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Avatar 2 OTT Platform

Nowadays there are a number of OTT Platforms available that are eagerly waiting to release the latest movie on their platform. When it comes to movies like Avatar then there are only three OTT players who can fight for the digital right which are NETFLIX, Amazon prime and Disney Plus Hotstar. If we talk about the previous Avatar then it is available on Disney Plus Hotstart and there is a high chance that Disney+Hotstar will buy its OTT streaming rights again. It is expected that the movie will be locked at a high price with one of the OTT platforms. However, no confirmation has been made by either yet. Once we have the exact details of it will share here only.

Avatar 2 Cast

ActorRole NameIn role
Sam WorthingtonJake SullyHe is a former human being who later on becomes a permanent member of Pandora and chief of the Omaticaya.
Zoe SaldanaNeytiriShe is the lover of Jake and the daughter of the former clan chief.
Sigourney WeaverKiriShe is the adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri.
Stephen LangColonel Miles QuaritchHe is a human who escorts the security forces of the RDA in the conflict between Na’vi.
Kate WinsletRonalShe is the pregnant wife of Tonowari who is also a free driver of the Metkayini.
Cliff CurtisTonowariHe is the husband of Ronal and also the chief of Metkayina.
Joel David MooreDr. Norm SpellmanHe is a former member of the Avatar Program. In the first part, he chose to side with Na’vi.
CCH PounderMo’atShe is the mother of Neytiri and Omaticaya’s Tsahìk
Eddie FalcoGeneral Frances ArdmoreHe is the In-Charge commander of RDA’s regards.
Brendan CowellCaptain Mick ScoresbyHe is head of the marine who is hunting vessels on Pandora planet.
Jemaine ClementDr. Ian GarvinHe is a marine biologist
James FlattersNeteyamHe is the firstborn and the oldest child of Jake and Neytiri.
Britain DaltonLo’akHe is the second son of Jake and Neytiri
Chloe ColemanYoung Lo’ak
Trinity Jo-Li BlissTuktirey (“Tuk”)Tuk is the youngest child and daughter of Jake and Neytiri. She is 8 years old.
Jack ChampionMiles Socorro (“Spider”)He is a teenager and the son of Quaritch. Miles was born in Hell’s gate and was rescued by Jake and Neytiri.
Bailey BassTsireya (“Reya”)Tsireya is the free driver of Metkayina Tonowari and is the daughter of Ronal.
Philip GeljoAonungHe is a young driver of Metkayina and Tonowari. He is also the son of Ronal.
Duane EvansRotxoRotxo is the free driver of Metkayina and is also a young hunter.
Giovanni RibisiParker SelfridgeHe was previously a corporate administrator of the mining operation of RDA.
Dileep RaoDr. Max PatelDr. Max is the scientist who was working in the Avatar program. he was supporting the rebellion of Jake in the first part.
Matt GeraldCorporal Lyle WainfleetHe is greedy for the RDA in the war between Na’vi. He was revived as a Recombinant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Avatar: The Way of Water stream online?

Avatar 2 Online Streaming date is yet to be announced by the filmmaker. Although you can expect the release in OTT after June 2023.

Who will buy the Online Streaming rights of Avatar: The Way of Water?

It is highly expected that Disney+Hotstar is going to buy the online streaming rights of Avatar: The Way of Water. The rumors will be confirmed as soon as the concerned authority will make the statement.

Will we be able to watch the movie on the OTT platform for free?

No, the movie will not be available to the users for free. they will have to buy the subscription to get access to Avatar: The Way of Water. There are various subscription plans available according to the time period.

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